ARMSim# 1.91
ARMSim# is a desktop application running in a Windows environment. It has also been tested for executing in Linux and in the MAC OS using Mono or Parallel. It allows users to simulate the execution of ARM assembly language programs on a system based on the ARM7TDMI processor, together with collecting statistics for execution and cache usage. For more detailed information read the features page and the documentation available. The files are provided in a compressed .zip format with an installer. It is best to expand them in their own directory within the "Program Files" folder.
ARMSim# has the great feature of being extensible through Plugins, which provide an interesting interactive environment for I/O by simulating examples of embedded systems. Several Plugins are available for download, the most substantial of which is for an Embest board and its peripherals. Documentation for writing and including new plugins is provided.
CODESOURCERY (for Cross Compilation of C and ARM)
CodeSourcery is a Toolchain which provides a complete software development environment based on the GNU paradigm. It is not required at all for ARMSim. However ARMSim's development was made compatible with CodeSourcery such that code compiled in the latter can be easily incorporated in ARMSim's programs. CodeSourcery could be a useful environment to develop applications with a mixture of languages interfacing with ARM code (e.g. ARM and C).
ARMSim# has been developed by members of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is distributed free for academic use. For commercial use, please contact the authors.